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We also offer lessons or clinics for e-drums, sample pads and VST recording with e-drums, which can include the following topics:

  • Create live sounds / presets for the most common, live-suited e-drum modules such as Pearl MimicRoland TD-50 & Roland TD-27, TD-17, ATV aD5, etc.
  • Explaining sample recording for e-drum modules like Roland TD-50, Roland TD-27, SPD-SX, Roland TM-2, Roland TM-6 Pro
  • Settings for hybrid drumming with edge triggers like Yamaha DT-50, Roland RT-30, ddrum triggering, etc.
  • E-Drum Crash Courses ( Topics: trigger presets, dynamic adjustment, sound editing for headphones and direct outs )

Individual scheduling of the lessons is possible !

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e-drum HELP  Package 30- 60min 75 EUR

How to setup Sounds for e- drum modules  Package 60- 90min 110EUR