Pearl Mimic drum kit „In style of Stewart Copeland drum preset“ with Octobans

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Pearl Mimic sound edition drum kit presets

          • Pearl Mimic „In style of Stewart Copeland drum kit “ preset !
          • The drum kits were made in the grooveEck studios in HamelnGermany. The kits were made for headphone and multi-output use.
          • For the multi- channel mix we use a RMEInterface 802 and as headphone the Aira-100 and DT-770 Beyerdynamic headphones.
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Pearl Mimic kits „in style of Stewart Copeland“ drum preset

Pearl Mimic drum kit presets built and designed after drum Heros and their drum kits of our time. The sounds are created in different ways. The first way is using the standard headphone output for optimization and the second way is via an RME audio interface, which takes the first six direct outputs + 7-11 mono outputs into account for an authentic recording environment with the Pearl Mimic. All sounds are monitored and adjusted using a Beyerdynamic DT- 770 Pro. The drum sets contain only the internal sounds of the Pearl mimic drums library.

Sound Demo ( Making of process ):

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Kit presets „In Style of drum kit series“ by grooveEck Studios.

The already very high quality sounding sounds of the Pearl Mimic were arranged in detail after drum heroes of the 80″,90″, etc. and elaborately processed for different applications. The Pearl Mimic with its base of very high-quality drum samples provides the platform for unlimited, authentic drum configurations and the sound creativity of your users.

Please notice: There are no new samples in these pearl mimic kits yet. If new samples are of interest, you can contact me here.

Sample recording at grooveEck Studios

matdrums making of Sound Edition

matdrums Pearl Mimic Sound Modelling

Pearl Mimic Kit in style of Stewart Copeland sound configuration:

  • 22″ kick drum
  • 14″ snare drum
  • 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″ Toms
  • 3 x Crashes, 1x Ride cymbal
  • 12″ Side Snare
  • 1 x Cowbell
  • 4 x Octobans

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  1. J.Peters

    Actually I came by chance on Youtube to the purchase of this preset and must say that it sounds much better live and on headphones than it represents the video. Therefore, for me the absolute jackpot. The Mimic preset sounds really good and I can only recommend it to everyone.

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